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5 Common AC Problems and Their Causes

The AC does not cool properly: Is your room warm even when your AC’s temperature is at 24°C? Three specific factors cause this issue. One, when the air filters are clogged up, they must be cleaned for the air to flow through them. Two, when the condenser coils are not clean and some debris remains on them, the condenser is not able to remove the air heat. This is how your AC becomes useless in making your room cold. So, get those coils cleaned straightaway. Three, the most essential part of your AC, the compressor, might be damaged. The AC compressor, after compressing the coolant, spreads through the evaporator and the condenser coils. If your compressor fails, it would not cool your room. Only a proficient specialist can fix a damaged compressor.

Leaking AC: When your AC is overloading your buckets with water, the clogged condensate line/drain pipe is causing this issue. The drain pipe transports evaporated water from the overflow pan to the AC’s drainage point. As soon as the line is blocked, water moves up and eventually, leaks into the room. Small insects, debris or mould growths create the clogging generally. You have to get your AC cleaned and serviced frequently to stop it from happening again.

Strange AC sounds: When you hear weird noises from the AC, it is likely that the compressor is out of refrigerant or gas. It can also be if the compressor is broken or the fan has been damaged. Make sure to solve this problem by a professional immediately.

AC’s foul smell: Most of the times, mould formation in the drainage area leads to unpleasant odours that are released from your AC. The main reason for mould growth is waterlogging.

Why book AC servicing in Chennai through Marinakart

Qualified and well-trained professionals: Marinakart, we choose only technicians who have the best experience with the best appliance brands. With a rigorous background check that each professional goes through, out of 5 candidates only 1 makes it to our 5-level programme of training. To advance their technical skills, they are trained by veterans who have over 15 years of experience. Only then our professionals are allowed to work in this field.

Legitimate parts and fixed prices: While repairing, our specialists use original parts only and at fixed rates.

Service delivery in 2 hours with any booking: Our technicians will arrive at your doorstep within 2 hours of booking an AC service through our Company app.

Insurance against damages up to Rs. 10,000: If there are any unplanned damages from our professionals, we provide insurance up to Rs. 10,000.

Service guarantee of 30 days: If you are not satisfied, we offer a 30-day service guarantee and we will replace the damaged AC part for free.

AC services that Marinakart offers

Wet Servicing: Apart from cleaning thoroughly the inner parts of your AC, the coils and filters are cleaned with water.

Repairing: Apart from fixing a wide range of AC problems, we also offer 100% cashback on inspection services. If after inspecting your AC, our Company professional thinks that it does not need any repair work, we will credit back the inspection charges an amount of Rs. 350.

Installation/Uninstallation Services: If you are purchasing a brand 

Services Offered

    Service & Installation
  • Split Ac Service
  • 499 624
  • Window Ac Service
  • 499 624
  • Window Ac Installation
  • 699 777
  • Split Ac Installation
  • 1399 1555
  • Indoor Unit Reinstalled
  • 599
  • Outdoor Unit Reinstalled
  • 699
  • Window Ac Uninstallation
  • 299 333
  • Split Ac UN-Installation
  • 499 555
  • 1 Mtr Copper Pipe Set
  • 750
  • Floor Stand
  • 750
  • Split Ac Wall Stand
  • 550
  • Drain Pipe 1 Mtr
  • 70
  • Fastner Full Set
  • 200
  • Universal Back Plate
  • 300

    Fan & Motors
  • Fan Motor Outdoor
  • 1800
  • Blower Motor Replace
  • 2200
  • Blower Replace
  • 1100
  • Replace Flap/swing Motor
  • 400

    Gas & Charging
  • Condenser Repaired
  • 500
  • Copper Coil Condenser 1.5 Ton Split
  • 3499
  • Flair Nut Replaced
  • 150
  • Copper Coil Condenser 2 Ton Split
  • 3990
  • Copper Coil Condenser 1 Ton Split
  • 2990
  • Copper Indoor Coil
  • 3999
  • Compressor 1 Ton
  • 6500
  • Expansion Valve Replaced
  • 600
  • Capillary & Filter Replaced
  • 350
  • Compressor 1.5 Ton
  • 7400
  • Compressor 2 Ton
  • 9000
  • Gas Charging
  • 2499 2777
  • Dead Nut (1pc)
  • 50
  • U Band Replaced (1pc)
  • 50
  • Pin Valve For Window Ac
  • 50

    Minor Repair
  • Tighten & Replace Thimble
  • 50
  • Connector Wire Replaced (1m)
  • 100
  • Adjust Grill Locks
  • 149
  • Water Leak Repaired
  • 249
  • Adjust Pipe And Tight Compress
  • 149

    Other Parts
  • Ac Fan Blade
  • 700
  • Swing Blade Replaced
  • 400
  • Grill Cover
  • 1500
  • Universal Remote
  • 700
  • Compressor Grommets Set
  • 199

    AC AMC
  • Ac Amc
  • 1499
    This AC AMC 4 services in a year. One service free of cost.Materials cost not included.